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Register .COM Domains

.COM is one of the most original and widely used gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) in the Internet. It is one of the first top level domain names officially introduces in the Internet space in 1985. It is being managed by ICANN's registrar system and the main domain registry is VeriSign. The abbreviation for COM comes from commercial and that words explains best what the initial intention for the domain name was.


Free .ORG Domain Transfer

As of the great popularity towards the .ORG domain name, more and more web hosting companies offer the service Free Dot ORG Domain Transfer, with which you could transfer an already registered .ORG domain names to another registrar free of charge. Lately the Free Dot ORG Domain Transfer is a preferred service from more and more Internet users. If you have decided not to transfer your domains after all, you have another option, to make a brand new .ORG domain name registration.


Cheap UK Domain Name Registrations

United Kingdom is one of the biggest economical powers in the European Union, and that is why one of the most favored domain names for registration is the .UK domain name. You can not register directly a .UK, but you must use a second-level domains such as the .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk. Because of the great popularity of the .UK domain, the .UK Domain registrations has also became popular and preferred service.


.COM Domain Web Hosting

Most web hosting companies and domain registration websites like NTCHosting.com for example offer the option .COM Domain Names Search, with which you will easily and quickly check the domain name's availability. The option will allow you to see all the present .COM domains, which are available for registration.


Register .ORG Domains

If you have registered one of the most popular domain names such as the .ORG one and you are in need of vintage web hosting services, we offer you to go through the web hosting plans such as the dedicated hosting and virtual hosting of NTCHosting.com, which will surely meet your needs.


Free .ORG Domain

As one of the most popular and widely spread gTLDs, .ORG is one of the most preferred domain extensions in the Web. Because of the possibility to avoid paying additional fees (single domain registration prise is $11/year), more and more Internet users prefer to register free .ORG domains.