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As the domain is just a hostname and nothing more than that, you demand a web space hosting plan where you have to accommodate it. Thus, when you type it in a browser, it will show the web page files that you have in the account, in other words it will open your website. Lonex's unmetered business website hosting account costs only $4.95/month. Host unmetered domains and sub domains (websites). Unlimited data storage and bandwidth.


Standart Business Hosting

Running your own private web page is a must in today's society. The introduction of the Internet in our daily lives denotes that, in order for someone to become seen, or to get his voice heard, one has to set up a website and take it online. In order to achieve that, you practically need 2 things - a website and a hosting solution. Host unlimited domain names & websites under one shared business web hosting account with Lonex - a responsible hosting and domain name registration supplier.


Inexpensive Business Hosting

Website Hosting is a type of online service that permits individuals and firms to make their websites visible on the World Wide Web. Web hosting providers are companies that offer data storage space on a web server located in a datacenter facility and ensure continuous network connectivity. Host unlimited domains and websites under a single business website hosting account with Lonex - a leading hosting and domain name registration services provider.


Supersonic Webspace Hosting

The Internet is an essential fragment of everybody's daily agenda. It gives you the opportunity to make additional profit, but can also be a major source of income. Unlimited disk space & monthly traffic in one personal web hosting account with Lonex - a respectable hosting and domain registration services provider.


Velocious Webspace Hosting

The solution web hosting service providers have brought forth is named shared hosting. With the shared hosting solution, a lot of web hosting users are hosted on the same server. unmetered personal website hosting account costs only $3.95/month. Unlimited storage & data transfer. Single domain name web hosting with easy domain name and certificate management sections.


Web Host Shop

The majority of hosting distributors today also offer e-mail services with all their hosting packages. It is a good idea to check if the web hosting vendor of your choice offers such features too, so as to be sure that you'll get all the features that you require in exchange for your cash. unmetered personal hosting account costs only $3.95/month. Unlimited space & bandwidth. One domain name web hosting with simple domain management instruments.